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We are a Canadian firm that can address any digital problem or opportunity. If you are looking to create brand awareness, convert customers into leads, and engage with your existing customers - we have you covered.

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We design & develop websites, mobile applications, flyers, logos and live stream productions. We can cover every basis that your small business needs.

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About the Founder: Ryan Perez

Graphic Designer • Front-end Developer • Social Media Marketer • Brand Consultant

Ryan is the owner and found of Bow Tie Kreative and is a self-proclaimed "brand wizard", whose unique approach helps companies build and maintain long-lasting brands, by analyzing their functions and relationships with contractors, competitors, consumers, suppliers, and stakeholders.


    • A creative, strategic marketing and technology professional with 16 years of experience driving brand identity and revenue growth on behalf of a wide range of clients and industries. Specific expertise within the digital marketing, design and print industry sectors.
    • A diversely skilled contributor who has represented 40+ brands, including small business owners, celebrities and industrial corporations – in achieving their marketing objectives.
    • A curious and driven problem solver who can readily boil issues down into first-principles, then uncover and deliver impactful, innovative solutions.
    • A skilled researcher who strives to understand a client’s target audience before implementing any solution, ensuring that every deliverable aligns with customer needs and delivers a strong ROI.

    • Graphic Design
    • User Interface
    • Web Design
    • Infographics
    • Adobe Creative Suite
    • Logo Design
    • Branding
    • Front-End Development
    • WordPress
    • Adobe Business Catalyst
    • Sass
    • HTML 5
    • JavaScript
    • JSON
    • CSS 3
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • Snap Chat

    • Achieving Scale with the Reach Objective, Facebook, Feb 2019
    • Audience Insights, Facebook, Feb 2019
    • Boost Your Marketing with Facebook Pixel, Facebook, Feb 2019
    • Closing the Deal with Conversion, Facebook, Feb 2019
    • Targeting: Custom Audiences, Feb 2019
    • Targeting : Core Audiences, Feb 2019
    • Learning Creative Cloud Libraries, Feb 2019
    • Duolingo French Fluency: Beginner (Estimated), August 2015
    • Business Analysis Foundations: Business Process Modeling, June 2018 to Present
    • JavaScript Essential Training, June 2018 to Present
    • Illustrator CC 2017: New Features, Nov 2016
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Translated objectives into measurable outcomes (creative strategies, marketing communications, and web solutions). Managed client pitches and proposals, timelines, deliverables, and budgets. Worked intimately with multidisciplinary project groups, and led the creative team in the production of all marketing collateral and websites. Reviewed projects and advised creative teams (photographers, web developers, graphic designers, and copywriters).

  • Designed and developed educationsolutionscanada.com a recruitment website which allows universities to find students from overseas who are looking to go to school in Canada.
  • Provide marketing counsel, materials and brand support for celebrities, including singer-songwriter, producer and actress, Jully Black, and actress Lana Parrilla.
  • Branded and Developed an LGBTQA+ website called ‘One Love, All Equal’ and online blog that brings awareness around issues that matter to the LGBTQA+ Community.

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The Team

Ryan Perez Headshot
Ryan Perez
Founder & Creative Director
Monica Cardozo
Inbound Marketing/Business Development
Sanjay Menon
Managing Director
Libin John
Full Stack Developer
Ashish C
Full Stack Developer
Gokul Rajasekhar
Technical Architect
Nisha K Kumar
Scrum Master/Project Manager
Anoop EP
Production Manager
Anila Babu
Senior Quality Analyst