A human’s brain is an amazing feat, but it does have its limitations. In terms of science, and research, we are able to develop a hypothesis, control factors,
and come out with algorithms, and solutions. Our limitation is speed combined with accuracy. However the human brain can create artificial intelligence
that foresee, and develop algorithms, and solutions based on specific data from a hypothesis, with a high degree of speed and accuracy in a laboratory

“Two companies are using artificial intelligence and laboratory testing to find new combinations of approved drugs which could treat medical conditions
such as brain cancer. Noteable Labs and Atomwise’s intelligent algorithm can test chemical compounds artificially and work out which treatments
would be most effective.” (BBC News, 2015). With this much accuracy and speed, treatments could be custom made for each patient.

To develop artificial intelligence that simulates the human brain’s scientific research process, only increasing its ability by huge factors is the
wave of the future in health and treatment. Bow Tie Kreative is interested in the future in further investing in research developing treatments
that are custom made looking at medicine from person centered care methodology, instead of from a pharmaceutical methodology.


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