Right now, families are busier than ever, with 9Am-5PM jobs, 1.9 children, activities to drive them to, and events in the evening. Then the legal age to
get a driver’s license in Alberta is 16 years old. What can be done to alleviate some of the stress during the rush of the day for busy families? How
about driverless cars. What if the kids could be driven to their daily activities, and school by a driverless car? What if adults could drink at a
restaurant, and then be driven home in a driverless car, avoiding and driving all together, therefore allowing the law to go to zero tolerance? What
if you didn’t have to worry about your teenager driving before they are ready? Imagine an era where professional truck drivers didn’t have to worry
about falling asleep behind the wheel on long overnight shifts.

“Toyota has become the latest car manufacturer to test a driverless vehicle on a public road…According to Toyota, the car uses multiple external
sensors to recognize nearby vehicles and hazards, and selects appropriate routes and lanes depending on the destination. Based on these data inputs,
it automatically operates the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes to drive in much the same way as a person would, said the firm,” ().

Bow Tie Kreative an innovative technology firm, is eager about the testing and research into this enterprise, and in the future would look into developing
more strategies into other driverless automation, such as air planes, trains, transit system, emergency vehicles, boats, and taxicabs. We want
to go where the future is. Bow Tie Kreative – Software and Consulting Development Company – collectively rewriting history from the cloud.