Imagine building a robot in image of a salamander. “It’s a key animal from an evolutionary point of view…it’s older than crocodiles and dinosaurs;
its morphology and body shape is very close to the fossils of the first terrestrial vertebrates, including humans,” (Stock, 2015). Robotic engineers
in Switzerland designed a robot that has the same shape as a salamander by using three-dimensional X-rays, “they were able to work out which joints
were active and passive at any given time in order to reproduce its movements,” (Stock, 2015).

There are a lot of applications with designing a robot as a salamander, such as studying evolutionary hypothesis, studying the human spinal cord, and
because it can travel on land and water, it can be used for search and rescue. “Pleurobot was developed at the Biorobotics Laboratory at the Swiss
Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL),” (Stock, 2015). Bow Tie Kreative is very interested in research and design of robotics in the
future to help study the human body, and other innitatives. Bow Tie Kreative – Software and Consulting Development Company – collectively rewriting
history from the cloud.



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