Branding and Identity

Brands are living entities that are created to help people identify company and product offerings. When a brand is created, the perception of it belongs to the public at large, with each person equally contributing their money, time and resources defining what this brand is all about.

Companies will invest thousands to millions of dollars not only in creating and maintaining their own brand's identity, but also that of their competitors.

Hence, the process of branding should never be taken lightly, as there is a risk of losing ownership over the perception that exists in the minds of others. This is true by allowing competitors, stakeholders and individuals the opportunity to create and maintain a brand's narrative. Once a brand is matured, it can be very costly for a company to change narratives placed by others. To cut a long story short, if you don't invest in your branding, others will ( in support of their own agendas).

Graphic Design and Illustration

We will help you create visuals to help tell the story of your brand.

Logo Design

A logo isn't a brand. It acts as the symbol that represents your brand narrative. We will help you draft up the right image so that people recognize you and understand what you have to offer.

Narrative Creation

We analyze your story then we create a narrative to attract the right audience.

Brand Guide

Once we have established a brand, it must be documented so that you can communicate with other designers and developers outside and inside your firm, so that they uphold your brand's integrity.

Fonts and Colors

Once we establish your brand narrative we find the colors, fonts, and symbols that best represent your company.

Copy Writing

We have a network of content writers that can develop copy that echos your brand's voice so that every communication that you have internally or externally is consistent with your message.