Currently in our technology, website, and app driven world, there are still some organizations that deal with paper submissions that are costly, time
consuming, and inefficient. Such as registration of vehicles, marriage certificates, birth certificates. How could we stream line these policy
driven, important, necessary documentation systems, so that it is less costly on the system, less complicated for the average citizen, and a more
accurate documentation filing system for society.

An idea has immerged from the office of Bow Tie Kreative, to create a driver’s license plate blue tooth app scanning system. Where in which a police
officer could video scan an individual’s license plate in order to find out if the person has vehicle registration, and insurance, they then would
be able to pull over the individual and give him a ticket via email, and confiscate his automobile if necessary. This is beneficial to both the
individual and the law enforcement for several reasons. It eliminates long lineups at the register’s office, it eliminates the paper registration,
and sticker registration which doesn’t always work. It is more cost effective on the government, creates a paperless more environmentally friendly
system, and allows both the citizen and the government a more stream lined approach to tackling their tickets, and payment of tickets, and filing
of tickets.

Along the same idea of streamlining formal registration procedures, it is not possible to have your driver’s license, and health card together. Why
not include, a scanning system on this card, of your birth certificate, citizenship, and marriage certification. This is beneficial for the citizen,
and the government for a number of reasons. It becomes a paperless organization, streamlining this system into the 21st century, allowing for a
more concrete filing documentation system. Eliminating losing important paperwork, and creating a more efficient way of government operations.

This is the future of Bow Tie Kreative, a wave of thinking that embodies the future, fiscal responsibility, and empowering the people to engage in
the day to day operations of its governing body. Bow Tie Kreative is about building independence, and providing solutions to companies, and individuals
looking for empowerment and growth.