It is well known that in some developing countries, there is little to no access to health care in remote areas. “Addis Adaba in Ethiopia where almost
nine in every ten women give birth at home with little or no medical support,” (Lebhour, 2015). Imagine an app that gives you information on how to
deliver a baby including delivering under any complication in your language. This will not only benefit the developing world but the western world
as well.

“Every year, five million babies and 289,000 mothers die from complications related to childbirth worldwide, with the majority of the deaths in developing
countries such as Ethiopia…the advantage of the app over a medical book is that it is easy to understand, easy to access and easy to update,”
(Lebhour, 2015). Bow Tie Kreative would in the future be able to create apps like this that aid in health care at home in a rural setting, allowed
to be downloaded so it can be run without the need for network connection or internet access.

“After a year, the capacity of the app users to manage bleeding rose from 20 to 60 percent, and for new born resuscitation, from 30 to 70 percent,
and for new born resuscitation, from 30 to 70 percent,” (Lebhour, 2015). There are many apps Bow Tie Kreative can create that can in health in
the developing world, and in the western world. Bow Tie Kreative – Software and Consulting Development Company – collectively rewriting history
from the cloud.


Lebhour, K. (2015, November 10). How mobile phones are making childbirth safer in Ethiopia. Retrieved November 11, 2015, from