Amplifying Voices and Empowering Survivors through Creative Collaboration

Case Study Details


In a vibrant shout-out video, Danny Redwine, a comedian and breast cancer survivor from Grand Rapids, Michigan, highlights the transformative collaboration with Ryan Perez of Bow Tie Kreative and Hustle Zone TV. Redwine’s testimony not only sheds light on the personal impact of this collaboration but also showcases the broader implications of leveraging digital platforms for advocacy and empowerment.


Danny Redwine, through her journey as a breast cancer survivor, has become an advocate for women battling and overcoming this challenging disease. Alongside her advocacy, Redwine has pursued a career in comedy, using her platform to inspire and entertain. Seeking to amplify her reach and impact, Redwine turned to Ryan Perez and his creative agency, Bow Tie Kreative, for strategic advice and branding solutions.

The Challenge

The dual goals of enhancing her social media presence and creating a distinctive brand identity presented a unique challenge. Redwine needed strategic guidance to effectively increase her digital footprint, thereby extending her advocacy to a wider audience. Additionally, crafting a logo that encapsulated her spirit and mission was crucial for her brand’s visual identity.

The Solution

Ryan Perez, leveraging the expertise of Bow Tie Kreative, provided Redwine with strategic insights aimed at boosting her social media engagement. Through tailored advice, Redwine was able to implement effective tactics that significantly increased her followers and online visibility. Beyond social media strategy, Perez delivered a “dope logo” that visually represented Redwine’s brand, encapsulating her resilience, humor, and advocacy in a single emblem.


The collaboration resulted in tangible growth in Danny Redwine’s social media presence, enabling her to reach and inspire a broader audience. The strategic guidance from Ryan Perez facilitated a marked increase in engagement on her platforms. Moreover, the creation of a unique logo by Bow Tie Kreative strengthened Redwine’s brand identity, supporting her ongoing advocacy and creative endeavors. Additionally, the anticipation of a documentary by Hustle Zone TV, focusing on African-American and Latino cultures, underscores the commitment to showcasing diverse narratives and empowering communities.


This case study exemplifies the power of strategic digital branding and creative collaboration in amplifying the voices of advocates and survivors. Danny Redwine’s partnership with Ryan Perez and Bow Tie Kreative highlights the potential for individuals and businesses to leverage digital platforms for meaningful impact. Through targeted social media strategies and compelling brand identity development, Bow Tie Kreative has proven to be a pivotal ally for voices striving to make a difference.


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