Navigating Software Skills Marketing with Bow Tie Kreative – Alfredo Tigelow’s Transformation

Case Study Details


Alfredo Tigelow embarked on a consulting journey with Ryan Perez of Bow Tie Kreative, seeking to enhance the marketing of his software skills. This case study explores the strategic advice and direction provided by Ryan Perez, focusing on product placement, pricing, promotion, and the effective use of social media within the developer community.


With a solid background in software development, Alfredo faced challenges in effectively marketing his skills to the right audience. The evolving landscape of digital marketing and the specific nuances of targeting within the tech industry necessitated expert guidance to optimize his marketing efforts.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for Alfredo was identifying the most effective platforms and strategies for marketing his software skills. Traditional social media marketing strategies were not yielding the desired results, leading to a reassessment of his approach towards reaching potential clients and collaborators.

The Solution

Ryan Perez provided Alfredo with crucial insights into the marketing of software skills, emphasizing the importance of engaging directly with the developer community. Instead of focusing solely on broad social media platforms, Ryan advised Alfredo to concentrate on contributing to developer forums, solving coding problems, and sharing his expertise where it would be most valued. This targeted approach aimed to position Alfredo as an authority in his field, fostering organic engagement and opportunities.


Following Ryan Perez’s consulting, Alfredo shifted his marketing strategy towards a more community-centric approach. By engaging with other developers, contributing code, and solving problems, he was able to better showcase his expertise and attract attention in a relevant context. This pivot not only aligned Alfredo’s marketing efforts with his target audience but also opened new avenues for collaboration and growth within the software development community.


Alfredo Tigelow’s experience with Bow Tie Kreative exemplifies the importance of tailored marketing strategies in the tech sector. Ryan Perez’s guidance illuminated the path for Alfredo to effectively communicate his value proposition to the right audience. This case study highlights the transformative potential of strategic consulting in enhancing the marketing of specialized skills, underscoring the value of community engagement over conventional social media marketing in certain industries.


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