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In a heartfelt video message, Brother Moosa Abdel, also known as Moose, shares his enriching experience engaging with Bow Tie Creative, a company led by founder Ryan Perez. Moose, the founder of Struggle Is Your Success (SIYS), a company dedicated to self-development and mentorship, particularly for millennials, explores the transformative impact of their collaboration.


Struggle Is Your Success (SIYS) stands at the forefront of personal growth and mentorship, guiding individuals through their journey of self-improvement. Despite its noble mission and significant impact, like many pioneering organizations, SIYS faced challenges in amplifying its reach and enhancing its operational strategies. Recognizing the need for a seasoned partner to refine its approach, Moose turned to Bow Tie Creative and its founder, Ryan Perez, for a strategic consultation.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for SIYS was to identify and implement effective strategies that would not only extend its reach among millennials but also optimize its internal operations for better service delivery. The consultation with Ryan Perez aimed to uncover actionable insights and develop a roadmap that would propel SIYS towards achieving its objectives while staying true to its core mission of mentorship and self-development.

The Solution

During a comprehensive one-hour consultation, Ryan Perez provided a deep analysis of SIYS’s current strategies and outlined clear objectives for its path forward. The session was marked by a detailed breakdown of SIYS’s operational framework, identifying both strengths to build upon and areas for improvement. This strategic guidance was tailored to ensure that SIYS could enhance its impact on the target demographic of millennials, while also streamlining its processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness.


The collaboration between Struggle Is Your Success and Bow Tie Creative, facilitated by this insightful consultation, laid the groundwork for SIYS to recalibrate its strategies towards more meaningful engagement with its audience. While specific outcomes and metrics of success are not detailed in the transcript, the tone and content suggest a positive trajectory for SIYS, fueled by the strategic insights provided by Ryan Perez.


This case study exemplifies the critical role of strategic consultation in enabling growth and enhancing the impact of organizations dedicated to personal development and mentorship. The experience of Struggle Is Your Success, under the guidance of Bow Tie Kreative’s Ryan Perez, highlights the potential for transformative change through focused analysis and strategy development. Such partnerships not only foster organizational growth but also amplify the reach and effectiveness of programs designed to support individual self-improvement journeys.


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