Susan Day’s Branding Journey with Bow Tie Kreative

Case Study Details


Susan Day, alongside her companion Teddy, extends heartfelt gratitude to Ryan Perez and the team at Bow Tie Kreative for their significant contribution to her branding and consulting needs, particularly emphasizing the impact on her book project. This case study explores the dynamic collaboration between Susan Day and Bow Tie Kreative, highlighting how strategic branding and consulting services can elevate individual projects and personal brands.


Susan Day, a creative individual with a project in need of branding and consulting expertise, sought the services of Bow Tie Kreative to bring her vision to life. The project, notably involving her book, required a tailored approach that not only respected the essence of her work but also aimed to enhance its presence in a competitive market.

The Challenge

The primary challenge in Susan Day’s project was creating a brand identity that would resonate with her target audience while staying true to the unique qualities of her book. The process demanded a deep understanding of Susan’s vision, objectives, and the thematic elements of her work, ensuring that the branding strategy aligned perfectly with her creative output.

The Solution

Ryan Perez and Bow Tie Kreative stepped in to offer comprehensive branding and consulting services tailored to Susan’s specific needs. Through a collaborative process, they worked closely with Susan to develop a branding strategy that effectively communicated the essence of her book to the intended audience. Ryan’s dedication to giving more than he receives was evident through his commitment to excellence, attentiveness to detail, and the ability to provide value beyond expectations.


The collaboration between Susan Day and Bow Tie Kreative resulted in a cohesive and compelling brand identity for her book, enhancing its appeal and market presence. The strategic guidance and creative input provided by Ryan and his team played a crucial role in preparing Susan’s project for success, demonstrating the power of effective branding in achieving project objectives.


Susan Day’s experience with Bow Tie Kreative serves as a testament to the transformative impact of professional branding and consulting services on individual projects. The partnership not only fulfilled the immediate needs of Susan’s book project but also set a foundation for future endeavors, illustrating the lasting value of a well-crafted brand identity. Ryan Perez and Bow Tie Kreative’s approach, marked by generosity, expertise, and a deep commitment to client success, highlights their role as invaluable partners in the creative and branding process.


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