Top Leaf Supply Co.’s Growth Journey with Bow Tie Kreative

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Jay from Top Leaf Supply Co., based in the picturesque Victoria, British Columbia, shares a glowing testimonial about their long-standing partnership with Bow Tie Kreative. Since 2015, this collaboration has been instrumental in driving significant growth and learning for Top Leaf Supply Co., a testament to Bow Tie Kreative’s commitment to their clients’ success.


Top Leaf Supply Co. embarked on its business journey with an aim to make a mark in its industry. Recognizing the importance of a strong digital presence and strategic marketing, they sought the expertise of Bow Tie Kreative to enhance their website and overall digital marketing strategy.

The Challenge

As a small business, Top Leaf Supply Co. faced the dual challenge of scaling its online presence while also deepening its understanding of digital marketing strategies. The company needed a reliable partner to not only implement effective strategies but also to educate its team on best practices for sustained growth.

The Solution

Bow Tie Kreative stepped in to fill this crucial role, providing comprehensive support that spanned from strategic consultation to the hands-on implementation of growth tactics. Their approach was characterized by punctuality, reliability, and a commitment to transparency and education. Notably, Bow Tie Kreative was able to increase Top Leaf Supply Co.’s site growth to a remarkable 35% monthly peak, a clear indicator of the success of their strategies.


The partnership with Bow Tie Kreative has been transformative for Top Leaf Supply Co., evidenced by substantial site growth and the team’s increased competency in digital marketing. The educational aspect of the collaboration has empowered Top Leaf Supply Co. to better understand the dynamics of their online presence, ensuring they are well-equipped to continue their growth trajectory independently.


Jay’s testimonial highlights the significant impact that a dedicated and knowledgeable creative partner like Bow Tie Kreative can have on a small business. Their ability to combine effective digital marketing strategies with client education has not only facilitated impressive growth for Top Leaf Supply Co. but also built a foundation for their continued success. As the partnership looks to the future, Top Leaf Supply Co. is well-positioned to explore new opportunities and achieve further milestones with Bow Tie Kreative by their side.


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