Bow Tie Kreative no longer offers printing as a service, however we will send design work on the behalf of our clients to any printer of their choosing.
With many printing companies to choose from, we only trust one company to get the job done. Creative Factor is our default printer, which means that
if clients don’t have a printer in mind, we will choose Creative Factor by default. We have been doing business with them since 2007, and we will continue
to refer our clients, due to the amazing service they provide.

Kevin Johnston the owner of Creative Factor answered a few questions to elaborate “We began Creative Factor in 2007, this was a tough year as the world
entered into its mini recession, but though valiant efforts we pushed through while others went under… Creative Factor was initially started
between myself and another partner, after our expansion to the Edmonton market a couple years later my partner and I decided to split the company,
he too Edmonton and I took the Calgary market on.”

“Creative Factor is an ALL IN graphic design and print provider. We produce digital and large format prints most times with in a 48 hour turnaround
time! We work also work with many other design power houses to produce their clients work fast, discreet and on budget!” Bow Tie Kreative is one
of those design power houses that create graphic designs in many areas, and in collaboration with Creative Factor. We highly recommend clients
to print our creations whether it is posters, tickets, business cards, and letter head that we design for promotional purposes as part of our branding
and marketing package, with Creative Factor.

I asked Kevin Johnston why a printing company and he replied “I have always loved working with graphics and after working within the industry we decided
it was our time! Besides printing is a 90 billion dollar a year industry, why not tap into some of that revenue,” the final question was what can
clients expect from Creative Factor? And Kevin couldn’t have said any better “We provide the best service and pricing we can while maintaining
quality turnaround times. We work with our customer’s budgets and timeframes.”

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