People fear change, but change is inevitable. It is tradition that time must and will change. Humanity has to change alongside society. Robots and
automation are coming to the future, and people are afraid of this, they are afraid of this new technology and machine age taking their jobs. Bow
Tie Kreative wrote an article early this year, showing that this is the way of the future. But we’re not talking about taking away jobs, we’re
talking about streamlining businesses and cutting costs, and having higher expectations, and pushing people, staff, employees to grow to a higher
standard. This new technology is not a replacement it’s a challenge to rise up in interest, intrigue, ambition, and education to a new operational

Imagine more people could run their own companies, incorporate individuals to run automation, take away the overworked underpaid factory position,
and place a person in a position of power. Bow Tie Kreative is looking at new ways to improve conditions for the average worker, business owner,
and society as a whole. “Andrew McAfee, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, told Sky News that the robot revolution ‘is happening
right now’. ‘It’s making us a great deal better off, a great deal wealthier,’ he said… ‘We need to make smart choices with policy, with
education and a lot of areas to make sure we continue to divide up this growing pie in a way that makes sense for people,’” (Cheshire, 2015). We’re
building a future of managers, overseers, and increasing the need for innovators, creative thinkers, and leaders to evolve with the evolution of
technology, and automation.

Bow Tie Kreative creates websites that uses this automation philosophy with Business Catalyst. A platform that allows a small business to streamline
its business including market research analysis, invoicing, inventory, and e-commerce all within the backend of your website. Allowing for one
or two managers two run the backend of the business. Bow Tie Kreative is about building independence, and providing solutions to companies, and
individuals looking for empowerment and growth.


Cheshire, T. (2015, September 1). Robot Revolution: 40% Fear Wipeout By Machines. Retrieved September 1, 2015, from