What if there was a new way of delivering wifi using light waves instead of radiowaves. “The term li-fi was first coined by Prof Harald Haas from Edinburgh
University, who demonstrated the technology at a Ted conference in 2011… Hass described a future when billions of light bulbs could become wireless
hotspots, (BBC News, 2015).

All that is needed is internet connection, a standard LED bulb, and a photo detector. “Velmenni used a Li-Fi-enabled light bulb to transmit data of
speeds of 1Gbps,” (BBC News, 2015), Which is 100 times faster than Wi-Fi. What makes this new Li-Fi great is because it doesn’t interfere with
radio waves, it can be used in hospitals, or airplanes. There are a couple of drawbacks, as it cannot travel through walls, so it would act as
a supplement to wife. Also cannot be used outside as the light would interfere with the signal. But would be great inside for controlled environments
such as a home, or corporate office. Bow Tie Kreative is interested in the future of this new technology, and would research further in the uses
for Li-Fi for future generations. Bow Tie Kreative – Software and Consulting Development Company – collectively rewriting history from the cloud.


‘Li-fi 100 times faster than wi-fi’ – BBC News. (2015, November 27). Retrieved November 30, 2015, from http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-34942685