Mentorship admin May 28, 2024
Bow Tie Kreative Mentorship

22 Years of Experience at your service.

Every day brings new design trends, tools to master, and endless articles to read. It can be overwhelming and intimidating. I know because I’ve walked more than a few miles in those shoes. Whether you’re new to the field or simply looking for guidance and support, I can help.


  • 1 hour of candid conversation
  •  No commitment required.


  • 4 hours of targeted feedback
  • Critique to help you deliver
If you're wanting to level up, mentorship helps.
Schedule a free consultation to ask questions, discuss details, and decide if it's a fit.

Ryan helps you build confidence and skill in Adobe products and other design tools.


Ryan points you towards informative content and social media channels to learn from.


Ryan makes introductions and help you source potential work.

No sugar-coated critiques here. Ryan cares about your growth too much to not keep it real. You’ll tear things down and rebuild them better, together.

Ryan doesn’t profess to be at the top of the design talent pool, because he knows there is still much for him to master. Design is a moving target he’s hunting every day.

To Ryan, you’re more than just a mentee. You’re a designer — an industry peer. He’s not the only one teaching and you’re not the only one learning.

Ryan doesn’t have all the answers, but he’s happy to point you towards useful resources and share what he’s learned from his own personal design journey.

Don’t take Ryan’s word for it when you can take theirs…

Ryan and his team are absolutely amazing! They went above and beyond when creating my new website from scratch. They communicated often, made sure I was updated every step of the way and ensured that I was fully satisfied with every aspect of my website. They are well priced and were always responsive to my questions, ideas and changes. I highly recommend them for any marketing needs. Thank you so much for everything you have done for Barbu Entertainment.
Anatoli Barbu
We wish to continue doing business with Bow Tie Kreative and also recommend others, not to look further for your brand development.
Imran Mirza
Bow Tie Kreative has served customers for quite some time now. I’ve seen the work that Founder Ryan Perez puts into building his clients’ websites, logos and deliverables. His work ethic is iron clad, and he researches the best tools to get things done even if it means coding something himself.
Anna Rounseville
I reached out to Ryan to help design my sponsor a child program and brochure for my nonprofit, he did great work and really did a great job designing them…Thanks a ton, Ryan! Great eye for design.
Joshua Therrien
Your work is incredible! 450 guest and Canada’s BEST in communications all LOVED what you did. Thank U
Jully Black
I strongly recommend Ryan Perez and his team at Bowtiekreative He has give my firm excellent service that was also on time and on Budget. My profile has increased with the advertising and the Web work that Bowtiek reative has done for my firm. It has increased my business and has given me new leads for additional work.
Tony Masone