Amplifying a Comedic Voice – Antoinette Peragine’s Journey with Bow Tie Kreative

Case Study Details


Antoinette Peragine, a multifaceted talent in the comedy scene, notably a regular at the Comedy Store on the Sunset Strip, actress, and producer, embarked on a transformative journey with Ryan Perez of Bow Tie Kreative. This partnership aimed to elevate her comedic presence from the live stage to the digital realm, a transition that was both timely and critical. This case study delves into how Bow Tie Kreative enabled Peragine to effectively connect with her audience, expanding her digital footprint and enhancing her engagement strategies.


Transitioning from live performances to digital platforms can be a daunting endeavor, particularly for stand-up comedians whose art thrives on direct audience interaction. For Antoinette Peragine, the challenge was not only to maintain but to amplify her comedic voice during a crucial time when live shows were not feasible. Recognizing the need for expert assistance in digital content management and audience engagement, Peragine enlisted the services of Bow Tie Kreative.

The Challenge

The core challenge was twofold: firstly, to transform Peragine’s live stand-up lineup into an engaging online talk show, “Antoinette and Friends,” and secondly, to grow her audience and followers on social media platforms. These goals required strategic content creation, effective social media management, and the ability to produce and run live streams that resonated with both existing and new audiences.

The Solution

Ryan Perez and Bow Tie Kreative offered a comprehensive solution that encompassed the production of visually appealing graphics, adept editing, and the management of live streams. This collaborative approach ensured that Peragine’s content was not only creatively packaged but also strategically delivered to her target audience. The rapid response time and real-time communication facilitated by Perez were particularly valued, mirroring the instant feedback loop inherent in live comedy performances.


The partnership yielded significant results. “Antoinette and Friends” successfully captured the essence of Peragine’s live shows while leveraging the vast reach of online platforms. The strategic content delivery and engagement tactics employed by Bow Tie Kreative led to a noticeable increase in Peragine’s social media following, thereby broadening her audience base. This digital expansion has enabled Peragine to connect with her audience in new and meaningful ways, ensuring the continued growth of her comedic brand.


Antoinette Peragine’s collaboration with Bow Tie Kreative highlights the importance of strategic digital content management and audience engagement in the transition from live performances to online platforms. Ryan Perez’s expertise in producing and managing digital content has proven invaluable, allowing Peragine to not only navigate this transition successfully but also to thrive in the digital comedy landscape. This case study exemplifies how tailored digital strategies can significantly amplify an artist’s voice, ensuring their art reaches and resonates with a wider audience.


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