Branding Excellence for Educational Innovation – Savant Preparatory Academy of Business

Case Study Details


Eva Tillman, Principal and Co-Founder of Savant Preparatory Academy of Business, offers an enthusiastic account of how Bow Tie Creative played a pivotal role in the foundational branding of this innovative charter school. Launched from grassroots beginnings in San Bernardino, California, the school sought to establish a brand identity that encapsulated its vision for educational excellence.


In 2017, Eva Tillman, alongside co-founder Gre Jeanette Balcazar, embarked on a mission to create a charter school that would stand out not only for its unique curriculum focused on business but also for its commitment to excellence. With limited resources but unlimited determination, they knew the importance of a strong visual identity to effectively introduce and represent their school’s values and objectives.

The Challenge

The primary challenge was to develop a logo and brand identity that would resonate with the school’s ethos and appeal to a diverse community of students, parents, and educators. This identity needed to convey the school’s commitment to excellence and innovation in education, all while operating within the constraints of a modest startup budget.

The Solution

Bow Tie Creative was approached with the task of transforming the school’s initial logo concept into a professional, impactful brand identity. The collaborative process resulted in a logo that not only met but exceeded the founders’ expectations. This new logo became a cornerstone of the school’s visual identity, adorning uniforms, letterheads, and promotional materials, effectively communicating the academy’s ethos before a word was spoken.


The partnership with Bow Tie Creative marked a significant milestone in the development of Savant Preparatory Academy of Business. The creation of a distinctive, meaningful logo played a crucial role in establishing the school’s brand identity, setting a tone of excellence and ambition that aligns with its educational goals. This visual representation has become an integral part of the school’s culture, proudly displayed by students and staff alike.


The journey of Savant Preparatory Academy of Business from an idea to a fully branded educational institution exemplifies the transformative power of effective branding in the educational sector. Bow Tie Creative’s contribution to this process underscores the importance of a thoughtfully crafted visual identity in conveying a school’s mission and values, ultimately contributing to its success and recognition within the community.


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