Joshua Therrian’s Cross-Border Success with Bow Tie Kreative

Case Study Details


Joshua Therrian, hailing from Massachusetts, offers enthusiastic praise for the services provided by Ryan Perez and Bow Tie Kreative. Despite the geographical distance, with Therrian in the United States and Perez in Canada, their collaboration in creating multiple logos and marketing materials has been seamless and highly effective. This case study explores the dynamics of their partnership and the impact of Bow Tie Kreative’s work on Therrian’s non-profit and various companies.


In the realm of business and non-profit organizations, a compelling visual identity is crucial for brand recognition and communication. Joshua Therrian, involved in multiple ventures, sought a reliable creative partner to develop logos and marketing materials that would resonate with his target audience and reflect the unique values of each entity.

The Challenge

The challenge was twofold: designing distinct logos that captured the essence of each of Therrian’s ventures and ensuring effective communication and project management across international borders. The need for swift, high-quality deliverables further emphasized the demand for a creative service provider who could understand and execute Therrian’s vision with precision and speed.

The Solution

Ryan Perez and Bow Tie Kreative rose to the occasion, leveraging their expertise in graphic design and marketing to deliver a suite of logos and promotional materials tailored to Therrian’s needs. Despite the physical distance between Massachusetts and Canada, the collaboration was marked by efficient communication, quick turnaround times, and a keen understanding of Therrian’s branding requirements.


The outcome of the partnership was overwhelmingly positive, with Therrian receiving well-crafted logos and marketing materials that exceeded his expectations. The designs not only enhanced the visual identity of his non-profit and companies but also contributed to a stronger brand presence in their respective markets. The success of these projects underscored the effectiveness of Bow Tie Kreative’s remote collaboration model and their ability to deliver high-quality creative solutions across borders.


Joshua Therrian’s testimonial highlights the seamless and productive collaboration with Bow Tie Kreative, underscoring the potential of remote creative partnerships. Ryan Perez’s ability to transcend geographical limitations and deliver exceptional design work has positioned Bow Tie Kreative as a go-to resource for logos, marketing products, and flyers. This case study exemplifies the impact of effective visual branding on the success of businesses and non-profit organizations, regardless of their location.


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